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"Aboriginal Tasmanians to argue for a national treaty" (AM, ABC Radio, May 22)

Wendy Caccetta, "Victoria takes a step closer to state treaty" (National Indigenous Times, May 3, 2017)


"Treaty or Constitututional Recognition?" Speaking Out with Larissa Behrendt (ABC Radio, April 27)



Richard Frankland  "A treaty won't solve everything, but it could change this nation's cultural tapestry", The Guardian Newspaper, March 6, 2017. 


Clinton Benjamin, 'An Indigenous treaty would create a virtuous circle of self-determination'"The Guardian Newspaper, 8.2.2017. 




Rachel Hocking, "Challenges ahead for Victorian treaty negotiations" (NITV News, 14 December)

Michael Mansell published a new book in December, "Treaty and Statehood: Aboriginal Self-determination". To purchase your copy please follow this link. The New Mathilda interviewed Michael Mansell on his notion of the 7th State in the article, 'A 7th State: Michael Mansell On Another Way Forward For First Nations Self-Rule' published on December 20.

Chris Merritt, "Indigenous treaties ‘just playing games with words", The Australian Newspaper, December 16.

Aboriginal Victoria launched a new website in December, featuring a dedicated Treaty section; including Results of consultations & Pathway to treaty.

A new video inviting Victorian Aboriginal people to be involved in the treaty process has also been released featuring the voice of our very own Council member Uncle John Baxter. To watch the video please visit our Treaties website page, or watch on YouTube.   

The Social Justice and Native Title Report has been released for 2016. It discusses treaty progressions in Victoria, and nationally. To read the full report follow this link.


"Victorian Treaty Negotiations Unconscionable: Murray" National Indigenous Radio Service, November 21. 


Associate Professor Mark McMillan, a Wiradjuri man and constitutional lawyer spoke on Sunday Extra on October 30 for the segment 'Always was, always will be' about the current treaty making process that the Victorian government has undertaken with Traditional Owners across the state. Mr McMillan spoke of the need, and legal requirement that post the Mabo decision in 1992 Australia as a country was required to renegociate terms of settlement of this country, a new lawful relationship. Mr McMillan also requested that adequate time and space is given for the community consultations to happen in a respectful manner.


Check out this NITV "Explainer", which explains what is a "treaty", some history and various viewpoints on treaty and Constitutional Recognition.


The Federal Government’s Referendum Council is considering an 'agreement making' power which could see Indigenous communities negotiating treaties. 

The 13 member Referendum Council is considering five options to present to Australians in the necessary referendum to change the Constitution. They include a statement of acknowledgement, reforming the so-called ‘race power’ in section 51-26 of the Constitution, a new Indigenous advisory body, a legally binding protection against racial discrimination and the agreement making power.

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"Australia's first Indigenous Senior Counsel, Tony McAvoy is a strong advocate for treaty over recognition." At a forum in Sydney on the 15th March he addressed the need for fourm. Key points which he raised: 

  • A treaty is achievable
  • There must be an acknowledgment that Australia was not settled
  • The assertions of sovereignty by the British Colonies, and now by the Commonwealth of Australia, are flawed
  •  We need an Assembly of First Nations
  • There must be land reform
  • There must be changes to the land tenure arrangements 
  • There must be reparations, compensation and equitable benefit sharing
  • Structural reform needs to take place at many levels
  • There needs to be guaranteed representation in Parliament

To read the full article, "Tony McAvoy: The time to push for a treaty is right now"published on NITV's website on 15th March follow this link.

The New Matilda has published an article, "Treaty Yeah! Momentum Grows For National Agreements" also reporting on the Forum in Sydney. Terry Mason an Awakabal man and Chair of the National Tertiary Education Union’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy Committee believes that “Sovereignty is the core of the problems in this country and always has been, and treaties may be a way of negotiating the relationship that now exists between Aboriginal people as sovereign and the rest of the population of this country,” To read Liam McLoughlin's full article pulished on the 13th March, follow this link.

Stan Grant's new show on SBS 'The Point' covered the issue of Treaty on Monday, March 7. In the episode interviews are conducted with Professor Mark McMillan, Adam Fogley, the Minister for Aboriginal Affairs Natalie Hutchins and Professor Cheryl Saunders. Minister Hutchins is clear that service delivery for Aboriginal Victorians, as well as management of Crown Land and water are all up for negotiation. Professor Mark McMillan, a Wiradjuri man discusses how the Canadian Province of British Columbia modern treaty process shows the importance of establishing a relationship between the First Peoples and the State. The episode is available to watch via SBS On Deman for a short time. To view the episode, please follow this link. 

Calla Wahlquist's article, 'Indigenous leaders praise Victoria's commitment to talk about treaty' published in The Guardian Newspaper on March 3. Wahlquist details how "Indigenous leaders have praised the Victorian government for agreeing to sit down and talk about a treaty," Erin McKinnon, RecVic's Statewide Coordinator was quoted in the article saying, "... it was possible to achieve constitutional recognition and a treaty, saying the two aims were “not oppositional”."


ABC's Lateline - 26th February 2016

"The Daniel Andrews Government says it's shameful that in 2016 no state or the Commonwealth has a treaty with Indigenous Australians. The Victorian State Government hopes that within a matter of weeks it'll be in talks to draft Australia's first treaty with Aboriginal people.

 To view the video and read the transcript, follow this link.

Hamish Fitzsimmons has published an article in the ABC discussing this development. To read the article,follow this link.

Nick Toscano "Victoria begins talks about Australia's first-ever treaty with Indigenous people", The Age, 27th February, 2016.