Nominations are now open for the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll

The Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll captures the stories of Aboriginal people past and present, who have made an outstanding contribution to our state.

The Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll serves to formally acknowledge and celebrate the wide-ranging achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians, past and present.

As the Honour Roll builds over time, all people have the opportunity to learn about the contributions and achievements of both historical and contemporary Aboriginal Victorians in the areas of community leadership, human and social rights, activism, sports, music and more. While some individuals may be more widely known than others, all share an equal place of honour on this roll.

This formal and ongoing acknowledgement of the achievements of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Victorians is a significant element of reconcilliation. Reconcilliation aims to improve the relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australians by raising awareness of the history, culture and significant contributions that Aboriginal Australians make to society.

Who is eligible for nomination?

The Honour Roll recognises Aboriginal Victorians (currently living or have lived in Victoria) who:

  • have had a significant influence that has instigated change for the betterment of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in a particular field, or
  • have made lasting contributions that have benefited the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities throughout Victoria, Australia or internationally.

Find out how to nominate someone

Nominations close 5pm Friday 7 July 2017

For more information about the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll, please contact Toly Sawenko